Information about TPPC's Resolution of Committed Racial Mindfulness

Recent killings of African American men by law enforcement officers in Ferguson, New York, Cleveland, Baltimore and elsewhere reflect how deeply racial prejudice and white privilege are embedded in our communities and larger society. These disturbing events sparked discussions among a small group of TPPC members and friends that led to the development of a Resolution of Committed Racial Mindfulness (PDF) which was formally adopted by our Session at its meeting of May 2015.

The Resolution of Committed Racial Mindfulness includes a commitment to undertake a program of Committed Racial Mindfulness that will:

  1. raise our awareness and understanding of racism and its effects;
  2. heighten our commitment and capabilities to dismantle racism; and
  3. make us effective messengers of conscientious, committed racial mindfulness in building the Beloved Community.

Ultimately, we envision development and growth of learning and action processes that will lead individuals and our churches and our communities to become more aware and committed to practices of Committed Racial Mindfulness in all aspects of their lives and interactions.

The initial stage of our TPPC program for Committed Racial Mindfulness is being discussed and designed by our TPPC group. This stage will involve training in racial awareness in our congregation and with others from partnering congregations and agencies.

The Presbytery's Mission Coordinating Committee (MCC) has committed $5,000 toward our Committed Racial Mindfulness training plan, they see a potential for this to be pilot project toward developing broader initiatives on racial awareness and action for other congregations in the Presbytery.

Our TPPC group will continue to meet regularly to deepen understanding of racism and to design and carry forward a program of Committed Racial Mindfulness for our Church. More information on current activities can be found on the TPPC Peace Page and the TPPC Online Calendar.