Letters from the Community of Jiñocuao to TPPC

December 2017

A letter from the community (PDF) sent in December, 2017 is linked to this website.

December, 2016

This holiday letter (translated from Spanish) was sent from the San José Church, our sister church in Jiñocuao, Nicaragua, to the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church on Dec. 30, 2016. The high school, scholarships and rainwater harvesting project mentioned in the letter were all supported by TPPC.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year,

May Christmas help us always keep the baby Jesus in the crib in our heart. Born between us with the brotherhood relationship that we maintain and we will maintain throughout our lives, passing from generation to generation.

We have done community activities such as the pure conception of Mary, the inns and different reflections that lead us to live a season full of peace, brotherhood and wishes to be better every day.

This past December 5th the first high school graduation was held in our high school, 23 students graduated hoping to find opportunities for college and technical studies to help their families and the community.

Also the Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD) informed us of the money for the scholarships of students who will get their university degree, the funds for the rainwater harvesting project and the scholarship for the volunteer teacher Yelson Carrasco and that soon we will receive it.

We appreciate every gesture of love towards us and we hope to achieve good results in the spiritual, community and social arenas for the coming year. May God our Father grant you many blessings. We send greetings to the Jiñocuao Committee and all the members of the church.

Affectionately, Takoma Park Presbyterian Church Committee of Jiñocuao,
Coordinator Julio Huete

August, 2014

A letter from the community (PDF) sent in August of 2014 is linked to this website.

April, 2012

A letter from the community (PDF) sent in April of 2012 is linked to this website.

Jan. 8, 2005

To All of the Takoma Park Prebyterian community

Brothers and sisters we hope that you had a Merry Christmas full of joy and that this year, 2005, is full of prosperity and enthusiasm to continue in the building a better world to open the way towards the construction of the Reign of God. That is the vision that we Christians have as well as being committed to the cause of the poor.

We also had a Merry Christmas full of joy because in 2004 we had a good second harvest that allowed us to end the year with joy. At the same time our sisters, Diane and Ruth, allowed us to recharge our battery to continue lighting the way of love and continue working towards our promise of building a better world.

Today is the visit of our brothers and sisters, Dean, Jo and the Wheaton family, Celeste and Kathy from the Community of Christ who are sharing that love that you have for us. They were completing the legal transfer of the buildings [hotel, bakery, technical school] here in Jiñocuao to the community. [The commununity incorporated to be able to receive the land and buildings.] The community is very excited about this. We believe it is a great help for us.

We hope during the year 2005 that you find a permanent pastor that will energize and work together with your church, giving testimony to the of God among us.

That this year be prosperous and joyours in your community and that God provides light.

The Commission of Jiñocuao.

Jan 8, 2005

Dear Brothers and Sister of Takoma Park ,

Receive fraternal and cordial greetings. We hope that when you receive this that you and all your loved ones are well.

We wish you a happy new year. After this greeting we are saddened to hear of those in your community who are sick, suffering or have died. We, the Jiñocuao community are praying for those you mentioned in your letter.

We also want to communicate to you the difficult situation we are living-- the lack of rain and a minmal harvest, the lact of work and also illnesses. But we also ope that we will find solutions to those crises with God's help, your help and our community itself. We hope you will continue to hold us in prayer in your worship services.

We also want to let you know about the advances in our community. Today we are celebrating the legal transfer from the Rev. Phil Wheaton to the Christian base community of the Selva Park [the buildings mentioned above and the land around them].

People from different communities are participating-the Wheaton family who made the donation, the Hoge's, and their companions. We hope this is good news for you. It's a dream come true.

We attentively say goodbye.

The community of Jiñocuao

An earlier letter from Jiñocuao dated in 1997 is also available.