About the TPPC WWW Site

This page contains articles on topics related to the web site itself - the policies of this web site, tools used to generate the pages and content, and other items of interest. At first, these articles will be written by the Webmaster, Brian Monsell. If there's a topic or question you would like to see discussed here, contact the webmaster!

The New (and Hopefully Improved) TPPC Website

(Updated June 2007)

If you are a repeat visitor to the site, you've noticed that the Takoma Park Presbyterian Church Website has been redesigned. There are several reasons why I decided to redesign the site - here are a few of the most important:

JavaScript scripts used on this site

This site uses several scripts written in JavaScript to provide navigation and content for the site. Some of these can be found at other sites, and have been adapted for use here. Others I wrote myself, and can be obtained by sending a request to tppcwww@takomaparkpc.org.

Slide-In Menu (Updated January 2007)

The sliding menu script used for site navigation was adapted from Omni Slide Menu script, written By John Davenport Scheuer and available at Dynamicdrive.com. Using JavaScript together with dynamic HTML, this sliding menu is an elegant way to provide more choices for site navigation while preserving screen real estate. The script was easy to configure for use on our site.

The script was updated so that site pages could be rendered correctly using Firefox.

This script was also submitted and featured on Dynamicdrive.com, which provides examples of dynamic HTML applications.

Rainbow Text

The rainbow text across the top of the TPPC home page is not a graphic file, but is generated by a script. It is called by another JavaScript program which sets up the main title on the home page. This script was originally written by Quak Zhixuan and was updated by Jim Cairo. It can be found along with thousands of other free scripts at the JavaScript Source web site (javascript.internet.com).

Liturgical Color

The background and text color for the title and headers for each page on this site are controlled to match the liturgical color of the current day. The only exception is when the liturgical color is white - then the background for major headers and titles is black, with white colored text.

This is controlled by a series of JavaScript functions that (a) determine what the liturgical color for the day is, (b) create the style statements to change the color of the headings, and (c) produce text for the bottom of each page that shows the liturgical color of the day.

The algorithm used to determine the date of Easter is given on M. Montes' site dealing with the Ecclesiastical Calendar for the Western and Orthodox Churches.

Link to Verse

For many of the Bible verses listed on the site, there is a link that allows the visitor to generate the text from that verse in a separate window. I have written a JavaScript function that takes a scripture listing and creates the URL for accessing the text via the Bible Gateway provided by Gospel Communications. For more information on using the Bible Gateway on your web site, access their page for webmasters.

Note that our site formerly used the Bible Browser provided by Brown University; they no longer offer this resource.