Fact Sheet about Cemetery Plots owned by TPPC


TPPC owns about 60 plots at George Washington/Mt. Lebanon Cemetery at 9500 Riggs Road in Adelphi (about 15 minutes from TPPC). The lots are located in section 12-B, which is a flat, open area near the center of the cemetery. This section is designated to be free of upright headstones; only headstones flush with the lawn are permitted.

About the cemetery

George Washington Cemetery is a large cemetery, about one-third filled with graves, active, and well-managed, and attractive. To reach it, drive north on New Hampshire Avenue to Adelphi Road, turn right, then after 1/2 mile turn left on Riggs Road. The entrance will be on the left.


The plots are a standard size, about 36 by 90 inches. TPPC will sell the plots at the following prices:
$400 for members & friends affiliated with TPPC
$700 for people affiliated with National Capital Presbytery
$900 for members of the general public.

The cemetery charges a transfer fee of approximately $125 to transfer ownership upon a sale. If the owner purchases additional services from the cemetery, such as digging a grave or buying a casket, the fee is waived.

For More Infromation

Sale of the cemetery plots is facilitated by the TPPC Trustees; for inquiries, please contact the TPPC office at 301-270-5550 or email to office@takomaparkpc.org.