Pastor Reflections

Heart and Soul

Early in my ministry I was hesitant to talk to people about money. In time, I got over it. Asking for money is a challenge. Given the cost of living, the need for families to have two incomes, one doesn't ask other people for money without an awareness of what it might cost them. When you ask people to contribute money, you really have to believe that what you are asking them to contribute to is worth it.

I believe in Takoma Park Presbyterian Church. I believe that Takoma Park Presbyterian Church is worth your financial commitment and sacrifice. I believe that if Takoma Park Presbyterian Church did not exist the town of Takoma Park would suffer for it, and would have to invent this church in order to be its true self. I believe in the ministry of this church.

Every week, and every day, someone walks into our space with his or her life in the balance. Maybe he or she is a participant in the many 12 step groups that we host. Maybe he or she is one of the young children we host at our day care, or after school program, or in scouting, who finds a haven from all the stress that is so unfortunately a part of growing up these days. Maybe he or she is one of the many who come to Shepherd's Table on a Sunday night hungry and with no other prospect about from where their next meal will come. Maybe he or she is a part of the worshipping community at Takoma Park Presbyterian Church who needs a little community and encouragement to get through the week that is ahead. Takoma Park Presbyterian Church affirms life, sustains life. And dare I say it, Takoma Presbyterian Church has saved lives, and continues to save lives.

My guess is that you already know this is true, and that, in part, is why you are here.

Let's face it, the world is a bleak place these days. There are so many forces of ill will, of hatred, of racism, of militarism, of materialism that leads to environmental degradation, that seem to be winning the day. Takoma Park Presbyterian Church is a community of resistance to all these evil forces.

Our Stewardship theme for this 125th year of our existence is Heart and Soul, based on the phrase from the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus says, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be." ( )

Let's have a conversation about heart and soul and treasure in the weeks and months ahead. I believe in Takoma Presbyterian Church. I believe that Takoma Park Presbyterian Church makes an incredible difference in this community and in the wider world.

I hope you will consider your commitment to this church, and that you will consider a generous financial commitment to our common ministry. For any number of people near and far, your commitment will make all the difference in the world.

Pastor Jim

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