Pastor Reflections

I arrived in Takoma Park in October and am still in the process of taking hold of the responsibilities as your interim pastor. Now that the hectic days of Advent and Christmas are past, I am looking at the New Year with hope and anticipation. The work ahead for me includes supporting the reconciliation process and developing alongside of it a process of re-visioning that will include the entire congregation. These two paths together will lead to the eventual preparation of a church profile that will be part of a search for a new pastor with a permanent call. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

My intention is to be your interim pastor for as long as you need me. Let me tell you that I am really enjoying my time with you. Takoma Park Presbyterian Church is a wonderful congregation. I am impressed by your focus on mission, the generosity of your hospitality in the use of your space, and to the talents and commitment of people here.

I am still working on faces and names. I apologize for the times when I have mangled your name, or taken you for someone else. I promise to spend time at the back of the sanctuary looking at the wall of pictures.

Blessings to the whole Takoma Park Presbyterian Church community as we enter 2018. I feel blessed myself that God has called me to be with you and to help lead you into a promising future.

Pastor Jim

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