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Upcoming Services

Join us as we celebrate worship on Sunday mornings and at other special times.

Sunday services begin at 11 AM, except in the summer when services are moved to 10 AM. Times for special services (such as Ash Wednesday or Good Friday) will be noted below.

Listed with each service is the scripture that will be used in worship, when available beforehand, or the New Testiment verse from the lectionary for that Sunday when it is not. To access the daily lectionary, go to the Daily Readings page of the Presbyterian Church (USA) website or the RSS feed on the right of this page.

Note: Worship at TPPC will be adventuresome for the next few weeks. As we replace the boiler for the sanctuary building, we will relocate to the library for our worship service.

For more information, contact the Worship Committee at

July 22 SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">link2Verse('II+Samuel+6:1-11','II Samuel 6:1-11') ;
"God in a Box" by Rev. James Reisner
July 29 ;
"Gideon's Army" by Rev. James Reisner
Chat & Chew after worship
August 5 "Do I Really Have to Be Perfect?" by Rev. James Reisner
Communion will be served
Chat & Chew after worship
August 12 ; "Can a Leopard Change Her Spots?" by Rev. James Reisner
August 19 ; "Called ... and response?" by Rev. Carolyn Tilley
August 26 Blessing of the Backpacks in worship today.