The Gospel of John
Takoma Park Presbyterian Church
Adult Education
Fall, 2000
Megan Owens

September 10:

Introduction: "Who is your audience?"
The importance of the Book of John in terms of the type of community it was written for.
"What about the Temple?"
The consequences of the destruction of the Temple and the development of Rabbinic Judaism and its relevance to the structure of the Johanine community(ies).
Terminology of certain concepts such as "signs", "Festivals" and "the Jews."

September 17:

Section I: "The Gift of Water"
(relating to 1 Kings 17-2 Kings 13)
How do the Gospels utilize the Hebrew Scriptures?
Begin discussion of the six proposed divisions of John hypothesized by Wolfgang Roth.

September 24:

Section II: "The Gift of Health"
(relating to Deuteronomy).

October 1:

Section III: "The Gift of Bread"
(relating to Numbers)

October 15:

TBS (taught by Mary Hynes)

October 22:

Section IV: "The Gift of Sight"
(relating to Leviticus)

October 29:

Section V: "The Gift of Life"
(relating to Exodus)

November 5:

Section VI: "The Gift of Spirit"
(relating to Genesis)

November 12:

Conclusion: "A community of friends"
Applications of the Book of John as expressed by Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza's concepts of the egalitarianism of the Johanine community.
What are some historical and contemporary tensions with this theory?