Takoma Park Neighborhood Food Project

The Takoma Park Neighborhood Food Project is a sustainable way to ensure food security for those in need in our community because it is a donor drive, not a food drive. Instead of asking for one-time contributions of food the Neighborhood Coordinators enlist their neighbors to become long-term Food Donors.

With your provided Takoma Park Neighborhood Food Project green bag you are armed and ready to start accumulating food for the regularly scheduled bimonthly donations. Neighborhood Coordinators make the "donating" part easy. Simply fill your bag and bring it to church on the assigned Sunday(s). Our Coordinator will make sure the donations get to the Takoma Park Food Pantry. You'll then be left with an empty green bag for the next scheduled pick-up.

The way you fill your bag is up to you— pick up a can or two each week or do one big buy the week of collection. This is an opportunity to be generous, not to feel guilty about "not doing enough." Every little bit helps, and we greatly appreciate it. For a list of specific items being requested by the food pantry please refer to a list on the Food Project website.

All donations go to the Takoma Park Food Pantry which is housed in Grace United Methodist Church @ 7001 New Hampshire Avenue. The pantry is open to patrons every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from 12:00 - 3:00PM. For more information, folks can call 240-450-2092 or email educare_ss@aol.com.

TPPC donations will be on the first Sunday of the even months (e.g., February, April, June, August, October, & December). There will be an announcement at church a few weeks before to let folks know when to bring items in. If you are not able to bring the donations in on the given date, we will be happy to work out a pick-up at your house close to that time.

If you'd like to know more about the Takoma Park Neighborhood Food Project, access their website at https://tpfoodproject.org.

Thank you so much for putting in effort to ensure that those in need in our community have access to adequate and abundant food.