TPPC has one service on Sunday. For most of the year, services start at 11 AM. During the summer months (usually starting at the first Sunday after Memorial Day), services start at 10 AM. We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month and occasionally at special services such as Easter Sunday.

Sunday morning worship will be held online indefinitely.

We will gather by ZOOM. At the moment, Pastor Reisner and a few others broadcast from the church sanctuary while worshippers will be invited to sign on ZOOM. Directions on how to connect and participate in virtual worship will be sent via a group.io e-mail. If you are unfamiliar with ZOOM we recommend you read up a little before the service. We will set an informal and experimental mood, ask forgiveness as we stumble along our way in a new medium. It will be fun.

We will set an informal and experimental mood, ask forgiveness as we stumble along our way in a new medium. It will be fun.

A home version of worship for Sunday, March 15th (PDF) can be accessed from this website.

For more information on TPPC's coronavirus response, access the TPCC Coronavirus Update page.

This Sunday's Worship (Sunday, March 22, 11 AM)


Service Preview (Online):

Sermon Title: "A Wretch Like Me" by Rev. Jim Reisner

William Willimon, in paraphrasing C. S. Lewis, has written: "North America is a place where people have absorbed just enough Christianity to inoculate them against the real thing."

In this unique time of contagion and disease, I hope it will be helpful to look at one of Jesus' healing stories: the healing of the man born blind which is found in the 9th chapter of the Gospel of John. It's a well-told story with poignancy and humor. It has multiple players. One is healed, and many have just enough religion to make them immune from catching the real thing.

Even in her own Samaritan community, the Woman at the Well is the kind of person that people pass by while averting their eyes. She is a social pariah. We know this about her because she is at the well in the heat of the day when no one else would be there.

When this stranger, a Jewish man, speaks to her, she is stunned. The conversation between Jesus and the woman breaks innumerable taboos.

In essence, when Jesus greets this Samaritan woman, he is saying to her, "Sawubona. I see you."


Worship at TPPC

We usually have at least one special service each month. Many of these services incorporate elements of music, dance or drama to enhance the worship experience. Special services we have held in the past included:

The annual World Communion Sunday in October, in which all are invited to pray in their native tongue and dress in their country's traditional clothing, is particularly well attended.

In our worship, we seek to use inclusive language in hymns, prayers and Scripture lessons. Our policy on inclusive language (PDF) in worship can be accessed from this website. This file requires the Adobe Reader to access the URL, which is available free from Adobe.

Recently, the Worship committee has developed guidelines for guest preachers and lay participation in worship at TPPC; these guidelines (PDF) are available on this website.

Instructions for liturgists have been added to this website, and included the most commonly used calls to confession, assurances of pardon and prayers for illumination used in our worship services.

TPPC also has acquired a labyrinth, and sponsors regular events utilizing the labyrinth. More information on TPPC's labyrinth is available on this website.

For more information, contact the Worship Committee at worship@takomaparkpc.org.

Families are Welcome at Worship

TPPC welcomes families with infants and children to our worship services. A nursery is available for toddlers in the Teddy Bear Room on the first level of the Education Building. Older preschoolers are cared for upstairs in a separate room.

Children are invited to come forward for the "time with children." Afterwards, pre-school and elementary age children are invited upstairs in the education building for Bible story movies followed by free play time. Your infant or small child is welcome to stay with you in worship. If the child becomes uncomfortable and needs care during the service, feel free to leave the sanctuary. There is a changing table and rocking chair in the room next to the rest room just outside the sanctuary. Books to share with your children are in your pew. Please do not leave your child unsupervised at the back of the sanctuary.

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